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Hi, I'm Trista, a mission-driven product designer at Stellantis, committed to integrating advanced ADAS/AD operations into autonomous systems.

Previously, I optimized satellite network subscription monetization at Viasat, led Volkswagen's rider mobility strategy, and developed a property management SaaS for Hesta Technology.

Recent Highlights

Stellantis|Smartcokpit Platforms

I shipped ADAS/AD functions, HUD navigation, multi-touch screen HMIs, and battery management applications through benchmark virtual simulator testing. The next step is to develop an AI voice assistant integrated with ChatGPT to make every mobility unique.

Volkswagen|Autonomous HMIs

Collaborating with the California Center for Innovation and Engineering, I led the E2E road-trip experience design team. Delivered 24+ innovative HMIs including rider apps, workplace dashboards, smart dial, VR glass entertainment, etc. Published on the media.vw.com.


I simplified the satellite plan purchase process by streamlining the hierarchy, search engine terms, and customization comparisons to boost subscription and checkout conversions. Additionally, I assisted in expanding the design system and guidelines for payment tasks.

Design Process

AI Planner|Growth

As a full-stack designer, I developed an all-in-one AI travel assistant, enabling intelligent recommendations and personalized trip curation—a 100% user satisfactory responsive web app solution through customized trip searching, booking, and management.

AR HUD|Conversation VUIs

I developed the E2E intelligent AR HUD to enhance the city commute mobility UX through a systematic voice command system with gesture controls. To enhance drivers' sense of control and reduce uncertainties related to automation.

Gravity Sketch|VR Growth

I created an edutainment VR Mars journey to optimize 3D Spatial creation, collaboration, and review for GS community.

Smart IoT|Intelligent Self-care

I prototyped an app that customizes aromatherapy based on tone and keyword analysis to improve emotional well-being.

Coming Soon

Saas|Property Management

As the founding designer at Hesta Technology, I spearheaded the development of a SaaS dashboard tailored for property asset scheduling teams and residential users. This innovative solution was engineered to elevate management transparency and operational efficiency.


I developed decentralized systems for in-game monetization, encompassing in-app purchases, Ads, deposits, withdrawals, and promotional activities to optimize revenue generation. Additionally, I refined the design system of dark mode to enhance diversity community accessibility.

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